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An ex-immigration officer from New Zealand gets locked up in a Brazilian prison when she fails to produce the correct visa.

The Adventures of Suzy Boon is a short form webseries from creator / director Roberto Nascimento. In it's second season, The Prisoner of Brazil, Suzy Boon (played by the hilarious Kura Forrester) is an ex NZ immigration officer who has found herself in a jam. Having arrived in Brazil on an incorrect visa, Suzy is incarcerated in a shady Brazilian prison - where she meets a colourful cast of prisoners suffering under the regime of a strict prison warden (Jennifer Ward-Lealand). With the help of her new friends, Suzy must make her escape and find a way back to her home in Aotearoa.

With funding from TVNZ, we partnered with Roberto to produce the entire six-episode season  - and were repsonsible for managing production, post-production, and final delivery on the project. The series features an impressive cast of New Zealand comedians and performers - be sure to keep an eye out for familiar faces.


Roberto Nascimento

The Adventures of Suzy Boon: The Prisoner of Brazil

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