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A thoughtful customer service rep at Auckland’s premier Time Travel Centre does her best to help an impossible customer out of an implausible situation.

This short film was named Grand National Winner in the 48Hours Film Competition in 2016. The 48Hours Film Competition is a national event in which participants are given a list of prompts and 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a completed short film. In 2016, over 550 teams from around the country competed for the top prize.

Directed by Tom Sainsbury, and starring Kate Simmonds and Chris Parker, this film was initially selected as a "Peter Jackson Wildcard", meaning it was one of three films that director Peter Jackson handpicked to join the other finalist at the Grand Finals. In the competition's 20-year run, Time Travel Centre remains the only PJ Wildcard to go on to take the top prize.

Auckland City Finals: Finalist

Grand National Finals: Grand National Winner, Peter Jackson Wildcard


Tom Sainsbury



Time Travel Centre

48Hours - 2016



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