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An isolated women turns to technology to find the motivation she needs to overcome life’s little obstacles.

This short techno-thriller was named Grand National Winner in the 48Hours Film Competition in 2018. The 48Hours Film Competition is a national event in which participants are given a list of prompts and 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and deliver a completed short film. In 2018, over 550 teams from around the country competed for the top prize.

Directed by Tom Sainsbury, and starring Kate Simmonds - Peptok marked our second time as Grand National Winners in the competition, following Time Travel Centre's win in 2016, and positioned us as one of only three teams in the competition’s 20-year history to win more than once.

“Super tidy, gorgeously well shot, compact, beautifully acted, stylised film.” Grand Final Judge – Aidee Walker

“Your social media thread comes to life in this believable and surreal tech thriller – PepTok.”  National Operations – Vanessa Patea

Auckland City Finals: 2nd Runner-Up, Best Use of Genre, Best Director, Best Performer

Grand National Finals: Grand National Winner, Best Performer, Best Director


Tom Sainsbury




48Hours - 2018



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