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A series of short documentaries from independant filmmakers around New Zealand.

ChillDocs is an in-house funding initiative designed to empower independent New Zealand documentary filmmakers to share compelling real-world stories. Following an open call for submissions, a total of 5 films were selected for funding. These films explore a variety of topics across Aotearoa - a curious leopard seal, an extravagant doll collection, embattled land protectors, female identifying drag queens, and a community plagued by rats. ChillDocs is committed to supporting and sharing New Zealand stories, and so has made these films available to the public online.

ChillDocs 2019

Documentary Series



EDITH GIBSON HAS 3000 DOLLS Daisy Lawless (Director), Samantha Dutton (Producer)

Edith Gibson lives in the heart of suburban Auckland with her 3000 Dolls; repairing and caring for them. In this 11 minute documentary, she invites you into her home, shares her prized dolls, and imparts pro tips and tricks for repairing these beauties to their former glory.



Samantha Crews (Director, Producer), Connor Slattery (Director, Producer)

Despite drag being an art form dedicated to celebrating femininity, female identifying queens are yet to be regarded as equals. Her Beneath Her details the experiences of three girls in different stages of their drag careers, as well as exploring the challenges they face finding acceptance as women in a male dominated industry.



Ethan Alderson-Hughes (Director, Producer)

An on the ground observation of the day’s following the eviction of the Protect Ihumaatao Campaign from their ancestral whenua, and the stories of the land at the heart of the conflict.



Lana Young (Director, Producer)

Furry friend or murderous menace – can one leopard seal change the way we view her entire species? When Antarctic leopard seal ‘Owha’ arrives in Auckland harbour, scientist Dr Krista Hupman begins a quest to fight for its protection and life, urging us to reconsider how to live alongside these animals.



Steph Miller (Director, Producer), Belle Gwilliam (Director, Producer)

Daryl, a reclusive ex convict, turns local hero when his state home and the surrounding community of Strathmore Park is overrun by rats.



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